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Psychic Development Programmes

The word psychic means, "to understand what cannot be seen with the physical eyes" and it is my belief that all people possess this ability.

We seem to be going through a period of spiritual awakening and more and more people are interested in discovering their own psychic sense. The following list provides the programmes that I currently offer and that many people have found helpful. If you are interested in something other than what is suggested on this list let me know because I can likely find a teacher if I can't do it myself.

If you, or a group are interested in any of these workshops call me and we'll work out the details together. My telephone number is (905)627-6969 / email:

Awakening Your Psychic Sense With Numerology

All of us follow a life that has been predestined. Our names, birth dates, parents, and dreams are not random acts by the universe but a well-orchestrated plan we all chose prior to birth. Numerology is a tool that will help you to "know yourself". It will show you the skills and karma you brought into this life based upon your past life experiences; your destiny; your current placement within the life cycle; and so much more. Understanding the mechanics of the nine different types of energy is the starting point for psychic awakening because once you can understand energy you can feel it. In my opinion, Numerology is the back-bone of psychic awareness.

Reincarnation & Karma

So many of us are "lugging around" old hurts and fears from past life experiences that have absolutely no bearing on this life. Before you can attain any level of self or spiritual enlightenment it is helpful to understand who you were - in order to accept who you are. This workshop will not only show you how to do a past life regression, but it will also show you how to release negative life patterns.


Psychometry is a method of psychic reading, which involves feeling the energy from an object, and is considered by many, to be the most difficult form for psychic reading, but is actually far easier than you may think. The information is gained by focusing and paying attention to your body and thoughs, which in turn makes the potential for gathering information limitless. All that is needed is faith, courage, and a few spiritual rules and you're on your way

Spirit and Angelic Communication

As your psychic sense becomes more defined, Angels and those in spirit will find it easier to communicate with you - particularly while you are doing a psychometric or numerology reading. This workshop will show you how to recognize their presence and how to understand their messages.

Become Your Own Psychic Through Dream Analysis

In the beginning, reading yourself will be fairly difficult. However, as your intuition awakens your dreams will become more and more powerful and can be used as a guide to assist you through your spiritual transformation. This workshop will help you to recognize and interpret predictive dreams, full-moon dreams, past life dreams, spirit and angelic visitations, and more. Feel free to bring a dream that needs interpretation.

Using Meditation to "Heal Your Thoughts & Heal Your Life"

This workshop will focus on meditation as a tool for changing toxic thought processes. A thought is a living thing and has the ability to take on energy, which in turn becomes part of your aura (the part of you that people sense but cannot see with their physical eyes). Healing negative thought patterns will change your life because people will sense and respond to the new energy that you radiate.

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