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Psychic readings, at one time, were of very little interest to Karen McKnight. If anyone had asked her 20 years ago for an opinion about psychic readings she would have had very little opinion other than "it's kind of cool ". Strangely enough, this was about the same time in her life when she was going through the "soul searching" process many of us go through at one time or another and it was at this point that she was frequently invited to visit people who earned their livings as psychics - some of whom had long waiting lists of people wanting sessions. And, here was Karen only mildly interested having opportunities presented out of the blue that others were desperate to have. So while she was only mildly curious; she was polite and decided to take the appointments that others urged her to take.

When the first clairvoyant told Karen that she had psychic ability, it took all of her will-power to not roll her eyes. However, when the message was repeated a number of times afterwards by various people she became less amused and more interested. One psychic in particular caught her attention when she said: "my dear, if you would just slow down and listen you could do this as easily as I do it!" The words must have had an impact because a few days later, in an attempt to explain her latest visit to a psychic she offered to give her sister a reading in order to show her how it was done. And, although her intention was to entertain, she found she could do it quite easily.

Any references to her psychic ability as a gift will make Karen uncomfortable and is quick to point out that the psychic sense is a learnt skill and, as hokey as it sounds, based upon love. Quite simply - a good psychic reading is an exchange of love and anybody can learn to do it. She has been quoted as saying " give me one hour and I can get you started doing psychic readings." Karen firmly believes we all have all been born with the psychic sense (not just a select few) and the only thing that makes us different is whether one has had the opportunity or inclination to learn and practise their psychic reading ability. Perhaps this concept is easier to grasp if we remember the dictionary meaning of the word psychic, which is: to understand or see that which cannot be seen with the physical eyes.

Perhaps the best way to explain Karen is to offer you this excerpt from a newsletter she sent out in 2004. It's called: HOW I DO - WHAT I DO

Over the years I have been given the unique privilege of reading many wonderful people. I never really gave a lot of thought as to how I gained the information - I just knew what I knew and that was enough. Well, here I am, almost 20 years later and what do you know - I've figured it out! This is what I've learnt.

Your destiny was determined prior to your birth and there are certain things that you will achieve no matter what during your lifetime. The part of your destiny that is changeable and within your immediate control is the order, intensity, and grandeur of the experiences.

You were created with abilities that are so powerful that your very thoughts and beliefs create your experiences. It's true - what you think becomes your reality. You can think yourself rich or poor; healthy or sick; joyful or sad; even beautiful or ugly - the possibilities are without limit. The energy of your words and thoughts surround and radiate from you and accumulates within your possession's. This is why it is possible for me when given permission, to gain insights into your life - I respond to your energy.

All of your potential was determined prior to your birth - but it is your thoughts that create the depth of the experience. As a matter of fact, you have been designed in a fashion that will only allow what is possible to enter into your mind. So if you expect good you will get good and if you expect bad you will get that too. It has been said that if we understood the consequences of our thoughts we would be very careful of our thinking processes; be even more selective about our word choices; and be down right paranoid about our actions.

In essence every thought, every word, and every action is reflected in your physical appearance as well as in your aura and it's there for all to see. So the ultimate beauty secrete is simple - keep a smile on your face and love in your heart and you will be forever beautiful and a pleasure to read.

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