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Judith Hall

Karen McKnight has been my psychic and spiritual guide for over three years. Words cannot express the wisdom, insight, and visions she has introduced to my life. Karen, with clarity and honesty, has foreseen and uncovered so many layers of my being. Without Karen, I don't think I could have braved the last few years considering all of the "turmoil" that has occurred.

She is a guiding spirit, with gentleness and kindness uncovering both the "good" and the "not so good" in a manner only an Angel could provide. With Karen's direction she has enabled me to reach out to a higher being.

Words cannot express and properly thank Karen for her amazing psychic abilities and guidance that has allowed me to understand and prepare for life's events. Karen is a "one of a kind Angel' - I love her!!

Sasha Spychr-Sulentic

Karen is such a natural at what she does. Her open, caring, and approachable manner, whether in doing a reading or teaching a workshop, makes anyone who comes in contact with her completely comfortable and uplifted. It is so obvious that she is living her passion and truly wants to help people.

I have been a long-time client and student of Karen's. Her readings are extremely accurate and she has the ability to make even trying situations seem positive all while providing insightful counsel. As a teacher, Karen has the ability to make difficult material easily understandable and simple. I leave each workshop totally inspired and can't wait to use my newly acquired skills. I am so thankful that Karen has been such a big part of my spiritual journey and I hope she will continue to be! Thank you Karen!

Alison Joy Webster/Dunford

The first time I had an appointment with Karen, I was a little late in arriving because my car had a flat tire. I was nervous as I did not know what to expect. As it turned out, it was the beginning of a whole new way of looking at the world and my life and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Karen told me, when I explained about the flat tire, that I was probably feeling a "little deflated".

As a mother, I have known many moments of "feeling deflated" - not knowing where to turn - and Karen has always been there for me. I have recommended her to many people. She is the most positive person I know and always has encouraging insights. She has picked me up many times when I have felt like I have been through the "wringer of life". Her approach to "coincidences" and "dreams" has helped me tremendously. I truly believe that Karen is a healer helping us to stay on the path of our life's purpose.

Karen is not a "fortune teller". She is well connected to the Divine and I feel perfectly safe with her. I feel blessed to know Karen and to have this wonderful relationship with her. I am thankful for the ways she has given me new insights and changed my life. My prayer for Karen is that she will have a long life and touch many people as she guides them on their life's journeys so that indeed the world will be changed and will be a better place from the seeds that she has planted in our hearts.

Thank you Karen McKnight - Blessed be.

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