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From My Angel To You

When it comes to Angels my beliefs are firm. I've seen them with my physical eyes; I've heard their messages; and have felt their presence. However, as I prepared to write this article I found myself just a little lost for words. After a few clumsy attempts at getting my thoughts expressed I decided to channel my own angel and share the message as I received it. So here it is - from my Angel to you.

"Angels are extensions of God. There are many names for what you call Angels: Guardians, Divine-energy, Guides, Spirit, the list is extensive. We are your constant connection to God. We are the messengers that have been sent to bring you home. Connecting to your Angel is simple - truly believe what you hear, feel, or see.

There has never been a request or prayer that has been denied - even when you ask for conflicting assistance. It may appear that the help you have asked for has been withheld but that is only an illusion. The core of your need is always fulfilled - even when you do not see it.

You need not fear your divine connection to God. Instead, embrace it and recognize the many miracles that surround you. By reaching out to your Angel and accepting the source of the assistance that is your heritage you will be taking the first steps towards enlightenment."

It is my belief that everyone has a guardian Angel and that you and your Angel have been together since the beginning of time. Lifetime after lifetime, your Angel has been at your side quietly observing your life and offering assistance when asked. Your Angel knows who you really are; the challenges you have and will overcome; and your purpose.

Whenever I do a reading and channel the guardian Angel, I never see a male or female form. I see coloured light, which sometimes changes from reading to reading - depending upon the growth the individual has achieved within his or her life between readings. By focusing on the light, I receive the information that is intended for the person being read. I've found that the messages from Angels tend to be direct, factual, non-judgemental and loving. There also seems to be a rhythm or beat to the wording - as if the messenger is singing a song.

I've never been disappointed or let down by a guardian Angel. Some messages are longer than others but when guidance is asked for - it is always received.

Reincarnation - Answers From The Past

Twenty years ago the world of reincarnation was introduced to me as I tucked our five-year old son into bed.

Everything about "getting ready for bed" had been routine that night. However, it seemed as if something had stirred his memory as he began recalling in perfect detail an unusual drowning accident that had occurred within our family some fifty years prior to his birth. He was very calm as he relayed the story explaining how "he" had fallen into the water; why he could not get out of the water; and how "he" had felt as he watched the beautiful lights as he waited (he never did tell me who he was waiting for - and believe me - I tried to find out!).

You would have been proud of me, somehow I managed to keep my "calm Mommy face" on as I kissed him goodnight and shut his door - pretending it was perfectly natural to hear how he had drowned. I suppose, had he heard the story before or one like it, one could have easily dismissed it as a flight of fancy. But our son had every detail perfect - he was even able to solve a few unanswered, fifty year old questions. Strangely enough, he wasn't stressed, to him it was just something interesting that he had just remembered to tell me.

That was the pivotal moment in which I had to adjust my belief system about life after death. Up until that moment I did not have an interest or a firm belief one way or the other. I just knew it was something that other cultures believed in.

Over the year I have researched reincarnation "to death" (sorry!). I have received as well as performed countless past-life regressions and firmly believe that before you can attain any level of self or spiritual enlightenment it is necessary to understand who you were - in order to accept who you are.

So many of us are "lugging around" old hurts and fears from past life experiences that have absolutely no bearing on this life. Some of these old hurts will even have a physical impact upon the current life. This was true with one client who had struggled with a weight problem her entire life. During a reading, she asked me why could she not lose weight. Apparently, in the lifetime prior to her current life, she had starved to death with two children at her side, in a concentration camp. Unfortunately, because this had such a traumatic effect upon her soul, she was making sure that it never happened again so no matter how hard she tried or wanted to lose weight - she had another reason not too.

Some of us even have trouble evolving from old scenarios and will insist on making the same mistakes or playing out the same role lifetime after lifetime (even the uncomfortable roles). Fortunately, once the problem has been identified and accepted as a past-life experience, it is easy to let go.

There are so many reasons for gaining past-life knowledge and many times, I can gain the information during a simple reading - so don't forget to ask if you are interested the next time you are in.

If you would like to experience a past-life regression we can do that too. It takes a little more time - at least an hour and a half, as well as a restriction of caffeine products a few hours prior to the regression.

The regression process is a very simple procedure, which has only let me down with three people (one being my mother - I think she was waiting for the movie to begin in her head - and that's not the way it works). A regression requires you becoming mentally relaxed; thinking backwards; and positive direction. Actually, most people are so relaxed they could easily fall asleep, except I won't let them - I nag them to remember - and they do.

The Psychic Dreamer

Each night each and every one of us has our own personal psychic reading when we close our eyes and have a dream. Like a psychic reading one can never predict for certain what will occur. Will there be spirit contact? Will past life experiences be recalled? Will the dream predict future events or will it simply identify buried feelings and fears? All of these experiences and more are possible through dreaming.

Whenever someone questions how to develop their own psychic sense, I like to encourage the study of their dreams as one of the first steps. There are many wonderful books available on the subject, but my approach to dream study is somewhat different than most books. I like to base most of the analysis on the meaning certain things hold for you personally. This is different for every person.

The best way to begin is to purchase a notebook that you will use to record your dreams. Don't worry about proper grammar or spelling, you just want to make a special note of particular phrases, seasons, feelings, colours and anything that can be counted. Once the information has been recorded, very quickly, without even thinking about it, give the dream a title and be sure to date the dream.

Dreams around the time of the new moon tend to be predictive. By dating the entry it is possible to see how far ahead you are likely to predict. This actually happened to me - although it took many years to realize it. When I was seventeen I dreamt of my wedding day. Years later I looked at the date of this dream entry in my journal and discovered that the day and month of my dream were actually the same as the day and month of my wedding five years later.

Once you've started to record your dreams you'll probably want to start analyzing them. Analysis of the content of a dream takes a certain amount of practise because of the symbolism. By asking yourself what certain symbols mean to you is a good first step. Dream books can also be helpful - just make sure you choose books that feel intuitively comfortable for you.

What Type of Reading Do You Need Today

Every reading I do is different and it's impossible to anticipate how each one will play out. Over the years, I've learned that a reading will take on whatever dimension best sits you on that particular day.

At times, I receive psychic impressions from the items that I hold and communicate those impressions to you. At other times, a reading may be a combination of impressions, science, moral support and common sense. Sometimes, I am able to contact the spirit of loved one who have passed on. These spirits can have the most beautiful messages.

Each time I sit down with you I am guided to provide you with the type of reading that will best suit your needs at the time. More and more of my clients are receiving divine or angelic communication during their readings. From these sessions, I've learned that a guardian angel is not specifically a male or female energy. Instead, it is a pure loving energy that directly connects a person to God or the Master (as they call it).

Each person's angel will be surrounded with one or more colours whenever they appear. By focusing on the colours that surround your angel, I am able to receive unique information that pertains to you. Angel communication is somewhat different than spirit communication. Angels tend to be direct and to the point, without judgement, and leaving very little to the imagination.

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